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Our Mission

Our Philosophy

Our ultimate vision is to bring concepts to life by creating digital strategies and leveraging business to better our global community. We will accomplish this by partnering with companies who share our vision. Through collaboration with our partners we hope to make a positive impact in both the market and the world.

We specialize in marketing for technology startups that need to build and increase revenue. Unlike full-service agencies, our inbound marketing solutions offer marketing campaigns that work while focusing on sustainable long-term organic results.

We believe in sustainable business and will always work with businesses that have the burning desire to create a positive impact in their competitive communities. One of our main priorities is creating positive relationships with companies and cultivating a good culture/environment for both clients, partners, and employees.


An important key in business is timely and accurate delivery. Was the service or product delivered?  Did people interact or make a purchase? Did it break through to the market? These are the things that matter to any successful business. However, at ORAKEE, we understand that an agency's work should speak for itself. Therefore, we like to walk our talk.

Something tells us you need to get more leads for you sales team. 

While we value our time, we thrive to improve our global business community. Let's have an exploratory chat and we'll provide valuable tips you can act on instantly to improve your marketing results.

We will include:

  • Custom PDF Website Report
  • 3 Tips to Increase Conversion on your site
  • Explore Partnership opportunities

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