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5 Ways a Startup can Increase Marketing Productivity

Jun 8, 2017 8:52:59 AM


When a venture launches it'll face many challenges. How it tackles those challenges will determine its survival. One challenge faced by many startups is finding balance between inputs and result. The profit a company generates is tied to the ratio between input and output. In the case of a startup, the budget is usually fixed and it is often a challenge to operate within that budget. The limited budget and operational costs clash, but managing them is only half the battle.

1-Targeted Audience

Developing your audience throughout what I call your "business adventure" is essential. If you don't start targeting now you’ll be doing it later after you've beared the cost of inaction. Defining your audience is very important. Segmenting focuses on high value audiences while saving you from wasting money on irrelevant markets. Inbound marketing takes your highest value segments and finds ways to bring them to you.

2-Flexibility in Market Strategies

A common metric of a venture's success is the difference between its expenditures and gross profit. While this formula is unchanging, a startup's founder should always consider the externalities. Competitor strategies, demographics, economic and political changes will all affect a business. A CEO should always be ready to alter his/her strategies to align with external changes.

3-Targeting the Untapped Channels

It may seem a bit daring, but you need to take a leap of faith and go for marketing channels which are less saturated. It wouldn’t be smart to pay for an advertisement where the chance of your brand getting noticed is small. Instead you should look for channels with a good audience and low competition. Inbound marketing is most efficient on such sites and will have a high ROI.

4-International Marketing

There's a reason that you hear the word 'Globalization" more and more these days. International borders are meaningless in the digital age. The internet allows any business to find a global market. Advanced localization allows marketing strategies to be effective abroad as well.

5-Cross Promotion

This strategy is proven to work and has a high success rate. Selling your products and services bundled with other brands is the best way to reach out to new markets. It works for both the brands as their customer base becomes unified. While not an inbound strategy, it's still a very effective way to market your products.

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Moe Elerman

Written by Moe Elerman